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Apprenticeship Case Studies

Apprenticeships are really valuable for workplace experience and furthering your career in your specialism. This page consists of case studies from Apprentices who are currently working in Bury Council.

Apprentice case study: James Turrell

James Turrell: Business Admin Apprentice, Bury Council

The reason I took an apprenticeship is because I was at a dead end in my old job. I had good hours, good pay and an average work-life balance, I needed a change and I needed a new challenge. When I saw the apprenticeships with the Council advertised I spoke to my cousin, who was an apprentice here already, to find out if he would recommend it. My cousin spoke highly about the organisation as he explained it wasn’t just the apprenticeship you were applying for, it was all the knowledge and skills that came with it that opened up a number of opportunities and careers after it. This is what I needed, a new challenge with endless possibilities to careers.

I would completely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone applying. I found myself in a situation where I was in a comfortable job with good pay which sounds great but it failed to challenge me so I began to lack motivation. I took a leap of faith and applied for a job that only granted me 2 year’s work but I am confident I will pick up so much information that I will be valuable to the organisation and to apply for another job within it or take all the experience and knowledge and apply it elsewhere.

The apprenticeship itself requires a 37 hour week within Monday to Friday meaning you get evenings and weekends off which really benefits your own personal life outside work and gives you the best example work-life balance. As an apprentice people assume you brew up and staple documents but it is so much more than that! You can get a sense of belonging and feel like a real part of the team being given important roles that are vital to the day to day workings of the office, you are not treated any differently to another member of staff who is on a higher pay grade made me feel valued in my new role. To anyone considering applying don’t be put off by the fact that you have little too no experience or knowledge about what it is you are applying to do because before starting I had no experience of office working, I was a complete stranger to the work that the local government did but that was the chance I took and I am so proud that I did it.

James Turrell

Apprentice case study: Amina Awan

As a Work Force Development /HR apprentice, I have been given an excellent opportunity to gain the skills and understanding on how the department of HR works. What I most enjoy about my role is gaining real life experience of working life, making me more confident and self-assured in my career and further development. As well as that I am gaining all the skills that future employers are looking for.

I am hoping after the completion of the apprenticeship to progress onto a further level in my qualification or find a stable role within bury council to expand my skills and make the most out of what knowledge and skills I gained during my 2 year apprenticeship with Bury Council. 

Apprenticeship case study: Charlie Pitchforth

I began my 2 year apprenticeship with Bury Council in October 2015 after I completed college. I began within the Business and Governance section of the team before moving over to the Development section where I remained until I completed the apprenticeship. Being in 2 different areas of the team allowed me to develop myself along with all the skills that I can take into any future job opportunities that I wish to pursue.

I got involved in lots of different roles within the team including the Helping Yourself to Wellbeing courses, The Bury Directory, The Pitch events and many community events. This range of opportunities helped me develop my confidence in my work abilities as well as my confidence in myself. I now currently work within the Communities and Wellbeing HR team. The skills I picked up and developed throughout my apprenticeship helped me obtain this role and set me up to be a capable and confident member of the team. I would recommend the apprenticeship to anybody who wishes to build their list of skills and experience for the future.

Charlie Pitchforth

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This page was last updated on: 26/02/2019