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Education, Training & Employment

We want to make sure that every care leaver has the support they need to achieve their goals and aspirations. We will offer you:

  • Careers information and advice e.g. CV development, interview techniques, how to prepare for an interview etc.

  • Support to meet transport costs when travelling to training, school/college, apprenticeships or job interviews

  • Support to buy tools, equipment, essential clothing and books.

  • Access to ‘Breakthrough’ a bespoke transition programme to help you to access education, employment, training, and independent living opportunities. 

  • Incentive payments to support and encourage you to access EET opportunities
    The opportunity to access all GM Higher programmes designed to support you if you are interested in going to university.

  • Personal Adviser support until you are 25 years old if this is what you want.

  • Care Leavers are a priority group and can access the 16-19 bursary fund of up to £1200 a year from their education provider if in Further education.

  • Personal Education Plans to identify what support may be needed and to celebrate achievements

Apprenticeships and work experience

We offer guaranteed interviews for Bury Council apprenticeships where candidates meet all essential criteria for the role.  These are usually advertised in the summertime and your PA will support you apply for these.
As a Care Leaver you are entitled to receive the £1000 apprenticeship bursary from your education provider which we will support you apply for.

Higher Education

Financial support - if you choose to go to University to pay for your accommodation during term time and a contribution to holiday accommodation. Speak to your PA or See the University policy for further information (this policy can be accessed as a download on the left side of this page).

Higher Education Bursary- if you're a care leaver starting university after your 21st birthday but before your 25th birthday you'll be entitled to the Local Authority Higher Education Bursary of £2,000, this will be split into term time payments over the duration of your course.


Student Finance Support – we will support you with applying for tuition fees and maintenance loans provided by Student finance if you attend University.


Care leaver support – some universities offer additional support to Care Leavers.  We will support you to identify the Universities that offer this support. 


Accommodation – the Unite foundation offer scholarships to cover the costs of accommodation at some Universities. Your PA will support you to apply for this should you wish to.

Bury Council do not promote or endorse any of the services listed in this Directory. For more information on this please read our disclaimer here.

This page was last updated on: 02/10/2019