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Care Act 2014: Information for Carers

Care Act 2014: Information for Carers

The Care Act acknowledges the value of carers and places them on an equal footing to those they care for. 

The Care Act relates mostly to adult carers – people over 18 who are caring for another adult. This is because young carers (aged under 18) and adults who care for disabled children (parent carers) can be assessed and supported under children’s law.  However, the regulations under the Act allow us to make rules about looking at family circumstances when assessing an adult’s need for care, which means, for example, making sure that the position of a young carer within a family would not be overlooked. The Act also makes new rules about working with young carers, or adult carers of disabled children, to plan an effective and timely move to adult care and support (Factsheet 8: the law for carers).

The Act gives local authorities a responsibility to assess a carer’s needs for support, where the carer appears to have such needs. The local authority will assess whether the carer has needs and what those needs may be. This assessment will consider the impact of caring on the carer. It will also consider the things that a carer wants to achieve in their own day-to-day life. It must also consider other important issues, such as whether the carer is able or willing to carry on caring, whether they work or want to work, and whether they want to study or do more socially.  If both the carer and the person they care for agree, a combined assessment of both their needs can be undertaken (Factsheet 8: the law for carers).


Carers have the right to an assessment whether the person they are caring for is eligible for local authority support, or not.  The outcome of assessments will vary according to individual needs.  Some carers will be entitled to independent advocacy in line with the Care Act guidance.

In Bury, we recognise that carers should be identified and supported at an early stage in order to improve and maintain their own health and wellbeing.  

Assessments for Adult Carers: 0161 253 5151

Please note: the person with care needs can also be referred for their own needs assessment.

Young Carers and Parent Carers

Further law relating to young carers and parent carers can be found in the Children and Families Act 2014. 

Assessments for Young Carers: 0161 253 5144 / 6902

Assessments for Parent Carers: 0161 253 5678

Bury Council Emergency Duty: (out of hours): 0161 253 6606 

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