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Social Capital Fund

Do you have an idea, project or scheme that would help improve the health and wellbeing of people in Bury? If you are a Voluntary, Community or Faith  sector organisation then you can apply for funding from the Social Capital Fund. 

Bury Council in conjunction with the Leader of the Council, Councillor Rishi Shori, has allocated £600,000 to communities to fund social capital projects (nominally £100,000 per Neighbourhood). This is a one off fund to be used over a three year period. Click on the drop down sections below to find out more about the fund and how you can apply.

For further details, please get in contact with the Neighbourhood Engagement Team, details can be found on their Bury Directory page linked below:


Cllr Tariq, Cabinet Member for Communities and Safer Neighbourhoods said, ‘The social capital fund will go a long way in supporting our voluntary community and faith sector in the borough, each township will be able to shape their own communities meeting their individual challenges, building on the success of our participatory budgeting events over the last year. It is important in the time of devolution, we devolve power from the town hall into our neighbourhoods, and this is exactly what the social capital fund aims to do.  I am confident this fund will enable communities to unleash new potential and ensure local people are at the heart of local solutions.


The criteria is set around improving the health, wellbeing and lives of local people. Applicants will have to clearly demonstrate via the application process how the social capital fund would be used to enable the delivery of a project or scheme that meets this criteria. 

We are particularly looking at applications for capital projects. Capital funding could be used for the purchase of specific and predetermined capital item(s) aligned to a particular project or scheme. The use of the word ‘capital’ should be considered as tangible, therefore pieces of work that can be seen and used.

This would include but is not exclusive to:

  • Buildings (purchase, construction, renovation and or refurbishment)
  • Fixture and Fittings (soft or hard furnishings, bathroom/ kitchen fittings and fixtures etc.)
  • Equipment ( sports or gym equipment, digital or audio visual equipment, office equipment, security equipment, camping/ gardening equipment or specialist therapeutic (excluding medical) equipment
  • Vehicles (mini bus, car)

Costs the Fund would not cover

We would not fund costs that would be seen as day to day running costs and also one off costs that are not tangible.

This would include:

  • Salaries
  • Overheads
  • Rent

However be creative with your applications and we are happy to discuss further

Who can apply for funding?

Any person, community group (constituted or none constituted) or voluntary, community or faith organisation in Bury could apply for the funding where it is demonstrated the needs of the criteria are met. Collaborative applications from one or more groups/ organisations are welcomed. Applications will be welcome up to £10,000 with the option to submit a higher bid should one or more community groups wish to work in partnership.

Application Process

The application process will be open on Monday 3rd September and close on the 26th October. Those successful at the application stage will be invited to present their ideas to a panel. Following the panel decision, applicants will be notified if they were successful or not and if successful how much funding they have been awarded.

A Service Level Agreement would be drawn up outlining detail of the monies awarded and project deliverables. The Neighbourhood Engagement Team will help support applicants to implement their project where possible and measure the impacts of the project on people’s lives. 

The application form is available on the page's 'download' section, however, please be aware that applications will not be accepted until the opening date which is Monday 3rd September.

How will our citizens know about what has been funded?

The Neighbourhood Engagement Team will work up a dedicated page on the  One Community Bury website linked to the Bury Directory, council website and partner websites such as the Voluntary Community Faith Alliance (VCFA). This will be titled 'Grant Funding' and will host information on grant funding opportunities in Bury that the Council are linked into and also details on those funding applications that were successful.

Bury Council do not promote or endorse any of the services listed in this Directory. For more information on this please read our disclaimer here.

This page was last updated on: 18/10/2018