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Travel and Transport

Welcome to the Travel and Transport section of The Bury Directory

In this section you will find information on Travel and Transport for people who have mobility problems or difficulty using public transport

Information ranges from Bolton Community Transport (Bury Busy Bee Bus) offering accessible minibus transport for everyone in the Bury area to The Blue Badge Scheme which  provides a range of parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems.

If you have problems getting to hospital or doctors appointments there are organisations such as the Patient Transport Services.  They provide a range of vehicle types and levels of care appropriate for patients whose medical condition means they cannot get to their appointment any other way. There is also Transport For Sick Children a volunteer driver scheme for families with:

  • no transport
  • low income 
  • benefit reliant
  • have child 16 years old or younger

This service is available to people living in the Greater Manchester area, who transport accompanied children to hospital & Clinic appointments

There is also expert advice for the disabled traveller on the Disabled Travel Advice Website.  This site offers advice on how you can get about easily as a disabled user whether you're off on holiday, on a day trip, or looking for an everyday means of travel or transport.