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The Pitch Community Fund 2018/19


The Pitch Community Fund 2018/19


Bury Council’s ‘Pitch’ Community Funding was launched in 2017 and is available to constituted and non-constituted groups, special interest groups and residents who are undertaking projects that will contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of local people within their community.

Projects must be delivered in the area identified for local residents and should be community led and demonstrate that they help people to help themselves and others live a good life. The grant must be spent within 6 months at the very latest but the activities can continue afterwards.

Who can apply?

Groups do not need to be constituted, but will need their own group account or nominate a recognised organisation e.g. (Church, Community Centre, School) to act as a banker.

The Process

If you have an idea for a project you will be asked to complete an application form with all the relevant information about your project, including how it will benefit the health & wellbeing of local people. If applicable you will then be asked to come and present your project idea to members of the local community at the relevant Pitch event.

New for Summer 2019 is the inclusion of an online vote, where you will have the opportunity to submit a short 3 minute video about your project, and or a side of A4 describing/showcasing your project, before people are given the opportunity to vote through One Community for their favourite projects ahead of the public Pitch event.

What happens at The Pitch?

  • Applicants present a 3 minute pitch about their project
  • Attendees are asked to mark FIVE projects on the ballot paper
  • Votes are counted and results announced at the event

Who can vote?

Anyone who lives, works or has an interest in each of our six neighbourhoods are eligible to vote at their respective Pitch event or through the preceding online vote. All groups applying for Pitch funding should actively promote their project idea within their community, to encourage support from local people at the event and the public vote.

By promoting your project idea you will help the community to better understand what potential local projects are being planned for their areas and encourage support for your project at the Pitch event and online vote.

Grant amount:

Applicants can apply for up to a maximum of £1,500.

When does the funding run?

The Pitch funding runs twice each year, the first round takes place in the Summer months, normally in August/September and the second round in February/March.

Contact Information:

For further information please contact your respective Neighbourhood Engagement Coordinator:

Bury East, Ramsbottom, Tottington, North Manor: Kim Griffiths 0161 253 6531

Bury West, Radcliffe:Christine Maksymowski 0161 253 7941

Successful projects for previous Pitch events can be viewed at Successful Projects

ParkLife Community Funding 2019/20


The funding has been created to provide local investment in the communities around Heaton Park in Prestwich. The funding puts particular focus on projects that impact parks and green space around Prestwich, giving benefit to residents living in the St Mary’s, Sedgley and Holyrood Wards.

Who can apply:

ParkLife takes place in Heaton Park each June and as part of their commitment to reducing the impact of the event by working with local residents and community groups, this fund will help address local issues within the Prestwich area. The Fund is open to everyone – both constituted and un-constituted groups. You do not have to be Prestwich based, but the project must take place within the Wards identified above.

Grant amount:

Applicants can apply for up £1,500 per project.

Application Process:

Applicants must complete the Parklife Application form, which can be accessed by contacting the Neighbourhood Engagement Team on 0161 253 5327 or e-mail at

When does the funding run:

The next round of funding will run in February/March 2020. Information on the application window will be posted on One Community in June 2019.

Contact Information: Neighbourhood Engagement Team 0161 253 5327

Elected Member Discretionary Budget

Elected Member Discretionary Budgets were introduced in 2017 to enhance the ability of our Ward Members, as democratically elected representatives, to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of their local communities. Each Elected Member has an annual budget of £1000 which they can use to support local community led projects and initiatives within their Ward or Township.

To enquire about the possibility of accessing this funding for your project please either make contact with your respective Ward Members or contact the Neighbourhood Engagement Team at for further information.

Voluntary, Community & Faith Alliance (VCFA) Funding


Bury VCFA provides a range of development support and advice to local voluntary, community and faith groups. This includes how to identify potential funders, interpreting funding criteria and how to prepare quality funding bids plus project monitoring and evaluation requirements.

If you have already written a funding bid Bury VCFA can act has the critical friend and read through your application prior to submission. If you are looking for funding we can do a funding search and help you match specific funders to your project. We can also help with how to set up a new community group or charity and support you with business planning, policy development and good governance.

Voice of VCFA

  1. To maintain strong channels of communication between VCF groups, commissioners and statutory providers
  2. To provide representation at a strategic level for the VCF sector
  3. To represent the interests of the VCF members through exercising influence on strategic meeting/networks to influence local voluntary sector strategy


  1. To enable smaller VCF groups to participate in tendering/contracting by acting as a prime contractor on their behalf
  2. Administer funding on behalf of smaller VCF groups
  3. To lead on or co-ordinate joint applications between groups to access funding
  4. To manage projects and developmental work relevant to VCF work


  1. To provide advice and support to VCF organisations to apply for funding and deliver projects
  2. To support the involvement of volunteers and promote good practice
  3. To provide learning and personal development opportunities for VCF staff, trustees and volunteers
  4. To facilitate and improve the co-operation between voluntary service organisations.


  1. To collate and disseminate information to and from the VCF Sector
  2. To provide VCF organisations with opportunities to discuss and exchange experience and information
  3. To ensure dissemination of strategic issues to the wider sector and thus local communities

For further information on Funding opportunities with the VCFA please contact:   Or visit the website:

Who to contact

Contact Position
Support Assistant
0161 253 5127

Where to go

Bury Town Hall
Knowsley Street

Bury Council do not promote or endorse any of the services listed in this Directory. For more information on this please read our disclaimer here.

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