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Communitree Initiative

Reconnecting People of all ages with Nature

Why We Reconnect

At CommuniTree we believe that people grow healthier, wiser and more content when they feel part of a strong community and realise their deep connection with nature. Through the provision of high quality Outdoor Education we focus on creating opportunities for people of all ages to reconnect with themselves, each other and the natural world. 

Applying the theory of Experiential Education we believe that a positive relationship between participant, facilitator and the environment are essential in the pursuit of long term holistic development. We live in a time of ecological crisis and believe that strong communities and education hold the answers to solving the crisis at hand. Through engaging people in beautiful outdoor settings we hope they will redevelop a deep connection with the natural world, and in doing so strive to preserve and protect it in the future. We aim to bring people closer to the world around them in the pursuit of building stronger and more sustainable communities for all.

We believe that the benefits of reconnecting with nature should be available to all. Therefore we design specially tailored programmes for everybody including parents and toddlers, schools, corporate work forces, the elderly and hard to reach groups. 


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