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Helping Yourself to Wellbeing Course Overview

Helping Yourself to Wellbeing (HY2W) is a seven week course designed to provide people with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve their health and wellbeing. It aims to provide them with the confidence and motivation to set realistic goals for making changes to their lifestyle.

The course runs for two hours a week for 7 consecutive weeks; to gain the most benefit from the course attendance at all sessions is recommended. The course does not operate on a drop in basis.

This course is a friendly, informal and informative.

Previous participants of the course have given positive feedback and case studies which in their own words have changed their lives.

During the seven weeks we cover the following topics:

  • Week 1 Introductory session, monitoring forms and discussions around health
  • Week 2 Behaviour change – why it isn’t easy
  • Week 3 Self esteem and confidence
  • Week 4 Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Week 5 Healthy Eating, Alcohol and Smoking
  • Week 6 Physical Activity, Sexual Health and Managing Minor Ailments
  • Week 7 Dementia Prevention & The Bury Directory Awareness Session

How to book

To book on to this course please email, call using the details listed below or complete the booking form in the download section of this page.

If you live in a different area please get in touch.

Next Available Course:

Tuesday 14th May 1-3pm at Bury Adult Learning Centre (opposite the Bury Metrolink station).

 The course will be on for two hours for seven weeks (excluding 28th May).

For more information please contact the HY2W Team- details are listed below:

To book on a course please complete the referral form available in the downloads section of this web page or call the HY2W Team on 0161 253 7922.

Please see the downloadable case study for a more in depth view as to how the course can improve your life and the 'More Information' PDF will include more information about the course. Our progress report for 2015/16 is now live and can be downloaded from the download section.

Why not take the 'How Are You' quiz to see how you can make positive steps to a healthy lifestyle!

Click here to take quiz

Who to contact

Contact Name
Helping Yourself to Wellbeing Hub
0161 253 7922
Bury Council facebook pages 
Bury Council Twitter pages 

Where to go

Town Hall
Knowsley Street

Time / Date Details

When is it on
For details of the next course please contact HY2W on 0161 253 7922. Please note that this is an answerpnone service but if you leave your name and number someone will get back to you.
Time of day
Session Information
This course is on every Thursday 10-12pm

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
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Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

Self referral or via partner agency.

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This page was last updated on: 24/05/2019

Reviews Rated 4.9 out of 5 (10 reviews)

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Thank You

Hello thank you so much for the HY2W course I really enjoyed it and it has helped me so much. Its been so insightful, I have discovered aspects about myself and why I have had lack of self esteem. I have started to make small changes and I can also begin to recognise my stress triggers.

Thank you again for a great course. 


A really great course!

I attended a course and found it to be very useful and informative.

I enjoyed meeting the people in my group and as the weeks progressed seeing the changes in both them and myself.

I learnt that making small changes to your routine can have a really positive effect on your life.

I would recommend attending a HY2W course – you won’t regret it!


Excellent course

I thoroughly enjoyed the HYWB course which was facilitated by Jim who had a teaching style which enabled all members of the group to participate and also complete the trainers section with confidence.

I am looking forward to sharing this information with other memebers of the community as the content supports health and well being.

participants were warm and welcoming in an informal learning environment which I would highly recommend.  The resources provided were in more than helpful in terms of being a participant and also for future facilitation.


Thank you


Great Course

Thank you to Jim and the other participants on the last Helping Yourself to Wellbeing course. The course has helped me built my confidence and has porvided me with new knowledge and tools in delivering group sessions.



Did i say brilliant already ?

Jim Mcglynn has been delivering this course to our Community based care and support team, and also the Managers, the owner of the company and now even our training manager has completed the programme. The Team are all able to advise our lovely service users about what is available to add more value to the service we provide. The brilliant thing is this, it`s easy, Jim delivers this course in such an easy and effortless way that there is no awkwardness. Accessing services, asking for help, or even talking about our worries is often something we just keep to ourselves. And now with great thanks to Jim, the care team feel empowered, knowledgeable and able to advise and support each other. Emotional health is vital. Well done Jim, and a big huge thank you for bringing this programme to us. :)


Great course, well delivered!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The content was very informative and it can be related to anyone, it really did make you think about the importance of well being and how much it can benefit individuals.  

Jim delivered the course in a professional manner and made it enjoyable and educational, the group discussions were a great way of sharing ideas. 

would definately recommend this course.  Keep up the great work Jim!!




A big thank you to Jim

We have been lucky enough to have had Jim to come out to us to deliver training here at Homecare Services and his enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise has come through to all of us. We are challenged to provide the best care and information enabling us all to do better and learn about well being. Its vitally important to spread the information through the community and Jim has shown patience and passion to get us involved 



I have done this course before and also the facilitator training... really enjoyed the course always good to recap. Would recommend the course. Will be using in my job


Health and Well Being Course attended Jan to 14th March 19

 Health And Well Being Course Review. 14th March 2019.  

I attended the Health and Well Being Course via Bury Council held by Jim McGlynn from Jan 19 to 14th March 19. My issues have been anxiety and self-esteem/confidence for a number of years. I was made aware of this course from another group I am with called Rammy Men (Rob) and thought I would give it a try. On a personal note although at first anxious Jim McGlynn was very welcoming and friendly and this put me at ease. As the course progressed I was highly impressed by Jim's presenting style he was always very well presented, thorough and organised throughout the course and it was calmly and professionally delivered. Also Jim gave myself and the other course members freedom to ask questions of which enabled myself to feel more confident as the course went on.

This impressed me as I have been to various meetings whether via work etc over the years and at times it has not been to this high of a standard. This also enabled me to listen more thoroughly to what was being said by Jim and use the tools / strategies in place. The subjects I found most relevant to myself was Anxiety and Self Esteem, Healthy Eating. I also found the subject covering Dementia very insightful and useful and now gives me more of an understanding of dementia and the signs/ symptoms to be aware of and not just to look at the negatives but to look at the positives of that situation.

In regards to the Anxiety Subject - I have been using the techniques of breathing when feeling anxious (controlled breathing as well as Distraction techniques and using the tools from the Health and Well Being Course) which has really helped me when I have felt highly anxious. Also in regards to self-esteem this is growing and becoming more stable due to attending the Health and Well Being Course and meeting new people such as Jim, as well as Football Groups (I am part of Street Soccer- to do my Goalkeeping Licence in the future and gain further skills as well as Rammy Men Football) by meeting new people each week which helps with my self-esteem/confidence. I also attend weekly 2 groups that covers aspects of CBT as well as counselling.

In relation to the Healthy Eating - this is something that has also been useful as I have over the last 5 months changed my diet and lifestyle. I no longer drink alcohol and my weight has gone from being obese for my height at 16 and half stones to a healthier range now at 12 stones 12 pounds- The Health and Well Being Course also gave me the motivation to continue making healthy lifestyle choices. Also further with Jims knowledge and expertise I have now stopped drinking coffee as I was drinking a large quantity of coffee daily which was not helping my anxiety and since stopping drinking coffee over the last 2 weeks my anxiety has subsided slightly - so Thanks again Jim for the advice.

In regards to stopping smoking I am still smoking but I am looking to cut down over the next few months and aim to stop completely in the next 6 months, but I am also realistic and don't want to put added pressure on myself. A thoroughly enjoyable course and I highly recommended for all ages, men/women and all cultures and backgrounds. As stated there is no pressure in the group and Jims presenting style puts you at ease. If anyone has issues with anxiety/self-esteem or eating I really highly recommend going on  this short term course. I recommend this course daily through the groups I do as for me personally it really has helped.  

Thanks Again.