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SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability), Bury Local Offer the story so far

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability), Bury Local Offer the story so far

The SEND Local Offer is a guide to information about services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities.

In March 2019, we will be launching a new and improved SEND local offer website. In order to make sure that we get it right, we are currently working closely with parents, carers, children and young people; looking at how to improve the site. We are discussing colours, fonts, imagery as well as the general layout, navigation and functionality.  Working in co-production can often take longer when designing something, however, getting it right is very important to us.

There is so much hard work going on behind the scenes, we thought it important to share where we are up to so you can track our progress and, if you are not already involved, provide your own comments and feedback as we continue to develop the site.

Currently we aim to have the site ready for testing at the end of February, with a view to go live in March.

We are also looking for parents, carers, children and young people to take part in the testing of the new site. This will take the format of focus groups and also online testing. If you are interested and would like to take part in the testing phase, then, please get in contact and send your details to either Matt Peluch,  or Janet Watts

Feedback results

As mentioned above we are working closely with children, young people and parents through “have your say events”, parent forum Bury2Gether, working groups and collecting face to face feedback. Below are just some of the areas discussed and the feedback collected which has influenced the development of the new site:

What do you like about the current website?

  • It’s got lots of information on
  • Useful
  • Tells you who to contact
  • Quite informative

How would you want a logo to look?

  • Needs to be colourful
  • Needs to represent Bury
  • Preferred the Town and Tree Logos

What do you not like about the website?

  • Not enough pictures, colour and too much information/writing.
  • Hard to find what you are looking for – need it to be easy to use.
  • Felt that it was more for parents than children – its wasn’t “child friendly”, also it wasn’t user friendly.
  • Links do not work
  • It is difficult to navigate
  • It’s not SEND information specific

What services do you want to find?

  • Available activities, events and groups relating to: animal; horse riding; farm; trampolining; make-up and nails; gymnastics; solo sports (not just team sports); roller skating parks; massage, meditation, Yoga and Pilates; baking and cooking; movies; swimming; cinema and bowling; trips away, such as Blackpool and theme parks; music; computer games such as (gaming tournaments); homework help and support; general leisure and recreation activities.
  • Transport information, including getting to and from Manchester.
  • Information on mentoring and advocacy groups – mixed age and ability (helping younger children with SEND).
  • Information on legislation
  • What education is available and what is offered to children &young people with SEND.
  • Needs to be a hub not just a website – more of an advice centre.
  • Contact details for Child Development Centres.
  • Clear pathway for parents on who to contact if concerned a child has SEND.
  • Help with filling out forms.

What would a good website look like?

  • To split the categories by primary, secondary and post 16 or by age.
  • To have videos on local offer of what different services can provide (particularly Bury Council services).
  • Pictures and information about what services do.
  • Symbols and colour needed.
  • For the website to be more interactive and would like games if possible.
  • Timetable or calendar of what is available
  • Options of how you see the page.
  • Videos relating to SEND, such as what autism is (and other special needs) – what do you need to know about autism / role models of people with autism.
  • Links to other useful information such as the Barclays programming site, Sendiass,  CBeebies, learning games and information sites, such as the National Autistic Society.
  • Site to be rebranded with name that reflects purpose eg. Bury Send Support/services, Bury SEND Hub
  • Feedback system so that users can easily report a problem with the site/information. eg. report a problem button

Note: Although the website won’t immediately have all the above functions, our aspiration, is that in time we will aim to develop as many as possible of the features mentioned above.


Below is an overview of the timetable we are working to, we will update with any changes as we progress – so keep checking!



Are we On track?

December & January

Work with the web designers to develop the first set of designs.

Yes we are, the first design is due just before the Christmas break.

Feedback will be given in the early new year once everyone has had a chance to comment.


Feedback on the designs will be given to the web designers once everyone has had a chance to comment.

Changes will be made based on the comments given.

The designs will be agreed and signed off.

Yes we are.


The webpages will be built and will be tested by the designers.

The site will be handed over to Bury for further testing.

Feedback given from Bury and amendments made

Following testing the webpage pages will be agreed and signed off.

Yes we are


Go live 11th March 2019!

The site will be launched and will publically go live.

Work will continue to track any issues, comments and needed improvements.

Yes we are

Bury Council do not promote or endorse any of the services listed in this Directory. For more information on this please read our disclaimer here.

This page was last updated on: 22/03/2019